F/FB/EF-111 Memorial Donation Form

This Memorial will only happen if the Aardvark / Raven community at large is behind it. The Foundation is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, with all funds used in support of establishing a memorial to those who flew or supported F-111 operations in service to our nation.

Please use this form if you would like to donate. We would like to know a little bit about your connection to the F-111 community as well and we will add you to the donors listing on this website unless you would like to remain anonymous. Please let us know and we will respect your privacy!

If you would rather submit your donation by check and avoid the payment gateway fee, print this one-page form, fill in appropriate details and mail it to:

The F-111 Memorial Foundation
c/o Ed Jespersen
1385 Timshel St.
Dayton OH, 45440


Red Asterisk means that field is required.

Fill out my online form.
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Individual Donors

*Alexander, Ben & Kay, Capt
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/F

*Alfonsi, Mario & Sally, Capt (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/F, EF-111

Allen, Jerry, Maj Gen (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/FB-111

Allison, Rodney, Maj (ret)
Squadron & Field Maintenance Officer, F-111A

Aponte, Ricardo, Brig Gen (ret) & Carmen, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111D/F

Arnold, John “Hap”, Col (ret)
WSO/EWO, F-111D/F, EF-111

Arnold, Les & Maggie, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/F

Arrieta, Nat, Lt Col (ret) & Jean Jones 
WSO, F-111A/F

Avella, Paul & Cynthia, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D

*Barraclough, John & Pat, Lt Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

*Bartell, Rick, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

Bass, Stanley
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

*Bell, Tom & Renette, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/F

Berg, George & Pat, Major
WSO, F-111D/F

Beu, Norm & Linda, Col (ret)
509th Maintenance, FB-111

Blackwelder, Donald & Brenda, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/F

Blewitt, John & Tamra, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Bonck, Lionel & Linda, Lt Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

*Book, John & Karen, MSgt (ret)
Crew Chief, F-111A/D/E/F/G

Boyd, Stuart & Marnie, Brig Gen (ret)
Test Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

Bracken, Ed & Nancy, Maj Gen (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/F

*Brady, Robert, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E/F

Braun, Debbie
Military Spouse and Friend of the F-111 Community

Brill, Carl & Carol, MSgt (ret)
Engine Maintenance Specialist, F-111A/F

Brooks, Rog & Janet, Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E/F, EF-111

Browder, Tom & Missy, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/F

Brown, Dale, Captain
Navigator, FB-111

Brown, Dan & Alice, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

*Brown, Dick & Polly
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

*Brown, “Quizmo” & Tina, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E/F/G

Brown, Steve & Janet, Capt.
WSO, F-111E

Brusasco, Mario, Lt Col (ret
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D

Bryner, Mark & Amanda
WSO/EWO, F-111A/E, EF-111

Buchanan, “Buck”
WSO, F-111F

Buckley, Kevin & Nancy
Friends of the F/FB/EF-111 Community

Bush, Eddie & Shery, Maj (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E, EF-111

Byrne, Rudy & Laurie, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

Cain, John, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E/F

Camblin, Greg & Pam, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111F

Campbell, Milus “Cal”. Capt.
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Carpenter, Mace & Andi, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E/F

Carr, Rich & Kandy, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E

Carter, Greg & Lee, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111E/F/G

Carter, Larry & Cyndi, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

Carter, Mike & Lesa
EWO, EF-111

Castina, John & Kim
Maintenance Specialist, F-111D/F, EF-111

*Chapman, John & Susan, Maj
WSO, F-111A/E

Chase, Ed & Eben, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F, EF-111

Cisler, Norman, SRA
Maintenance Specialist, F-111A/F, EF-111

Clark, Daniel & Joy, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111E/G

Collazo-Davila, Vicente & Linda, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D

*Copler, Tom & Sandra, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111F

Copp, Rick & Dani, CMSGT (ret)
Maintainer, F-111A/E/F, FB-111, EF-111

Costello, Jim & Napada, Maj
WSO/EWO, F-111A/D/F, EF-111

Crane, John & Cathy, Maj
Pilot, F-111D/F/G

*Dart, Wesley & Deborah, CMSgt (ret)
Maintenance Specialist, F-111A/E, FB-111, EF-111

Davis, William, Capt
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D

Davison, Jeff & Sarah, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111C/D/F

Dawes, George
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E

Dean, Larry, SMSgt (ret)
F-111A Inertial Nav Sys Mx Specialist

De Iulio, Edward & Becky, Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Delong, Darrel & Karyn, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

Denzler, Larry & Sara, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D, FB-111

Drinkard, Scott & Celeste, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

Dula, Brett & Terri, Lt Gen (ret)
Pilot, F-111D, FB-111

Dunn, Gavin, CDR USNR
Son of Col. Pete Dunn

Dunn, Peter & Jill, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/E

Durkee, Randy & Rebecca, CMSgt (ret)
Maintainer, F-111E

Edelen, Phil, Col (ret) & Claire, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

*Emory, Steve & Peggy, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/E

Endsley, Nick
Friend of the F/FB/EF-111 Community

*Ertler, Dennis, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111F

Fahle, William & Carole, Major
Navigator, FB-111

Faulkner, Dan & Carol, Lt Col (ret)
EWO, EF-111

Felts, Robert & Margaret, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Ferguson, Larry
Crew Chief, F-111A/F, FB-111

*Fetter, Jerry, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

Fitzsimmons, Jay & Diane, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/E/F

Fleenor, John & Mary
Pilot, F-111F

Fleming, Dave & Wanda, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/E

*Franco, Joseph & Margaret, Lt. Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/E

Franklin, Arnold & Mickie, Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/F/G, EF-111

*Frazier, Les, Col (ret)
Pilot/, F-111A/F

*French, Doug & Paula, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111D/F

*Frye, Mike & Roma, Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Galvez (Stephenson), Michelle
Friend of the FB-111 Community

Gamage, Pete, Maj (ret)
Pilot, F-111A

Garcia, Damaso & Madeline, Col (ret)
EWO, EF-111

Garrison, Bert, Lt Col (ret)
EWO, F-111A, EF-111

Gill, Tom & Leigh, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/C/D/E/F

*Gillis, John, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/D/E/F

Glaze, Chris & Rebecca, Col (ret)
WSO/EWO, F-111A/E, EF-111

Greer, Darrel & Kathleen, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A

Gruber, Dan & Bonnie, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F, FB-111

Guinn, Jeff & Sue
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Gundel, James & Sharon, Maj (ret)
EWO, F-111A/E/F, EF-111

*Hardziej, Dennis & June, Lt. Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/EF-111

Harris, Sam & Bonnie, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Harris, Tim & Leslie, MSgt (ret)
F-111E Flight Simulator/Mx Specialist

Hatch, Tom & Sharon, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/D/E/F, FB-111

Heck, George & Debbie, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D

Hildenbrandt, Steve, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E

Hilton, Neil & Deborah, Maj (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

*Hindt, Dave & Kathi, Lt Col (ret)
WSO/EWO, F-111A/C/D/E/F/G, FB-111, EF-111

Hodgdon, Jeff, Col (ret)
WSO/EWO, F-111A/D/E/F/G, EF-111

*Hoening, Don & Karen, Col (ret)
EWO, F-111A, EF-111

Hoffman, Edward & Melanie McTaggart, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F, FB-111

Holmes, Kenton & Jody, Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Howalt, Jerry, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Hub, Michael & Callie, Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/F

*Insley, Lewis & Gloria, Captain
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E

Jackson, Doug, Lt Col (ret),
WSO, F-111D/F

*Jespersen, Ed & Jolene
WSO, F-111A/D/E/F/G

Jimenez, Jim, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111E/F

*Johns, Kevin, Sgt
Maintenance Specialist, F-111D

Johnson, Jack & Jenny, Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Kane, Patrick & Maura, Col (ret), WSO/Pilot
F-111A/G, FB-111, EF-111

Kaplan, Mike, MSgt
Avionics, F-111A/D/E, FB-111, EF-111

Kasmer, Janet & Jim, Cols (ret)
Friends of the F/FB/EF-111 Community

Killian, Jim, Lt Col (ret)

Killion, Micah
WSO, F-111D/F

Kirkman, Bill & Susie, Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E, FB-111

Kirkwood, Brian & Sheila
WSO, F-111F

Klaaren, Jon & Diane, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

Kroehl, Bruce & Candace, Capt.
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E

Kucera, Mike & Sue, Maj. (ret)
WSO/EWO, F-111A/E, EF-111

LaBeau, Michael, Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Lambert, Jerry & LeVan, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Lamoureux, David & Victoria
Maintenance Specialist, F-111F, FB-111

*LaPorta, Paul & Chris, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E/F/G

LaRoue, Joe, SMSgt (ret)
Avionics Maintenance Specialist, F-111F, FB-111

Laszakovits, Gerald & Diane
Pilot, F-111A/E, EF-111

Laws, “LA” & Kari, Maj (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/F, EF-111

*LeFebvre, Denis, Ssgt
Avionincs Specialist, F-111E/F

*Levenhagen, Mike & Rowan
Pilot, F-111F

Liggett, William, Col (ret) & Susan Harada
Pilot, FB-111

*Linke, Don & Colleen, Captain
Pilot, FB-111

Lowenthal, Philip, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/E

Luster, Pete, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

*Lyter, Harv, Lt Col (ret)
WSO/EWO, F-111A/F, EF-111

Madson, Steve
WSO, F-111F

Maguire, Joe & Linda, Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Malone, Hugh, Major
Pilot, F-111F

Mardis, Chris & Emily, Col (ret)
Friends of the F/FB/EF-111 Community

Martin, Bill & Kimberly, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E/F

Masiello, Tom, Maj Gen (ret) & Wendy, Lt Gen (ret)
Test Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

McChesney, Brian & Jody, Capt
Navigator, FB-111

McClean, Scott, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E/F

McClellan, Jerry & Joan, Col (ret)
Pilot,/PWSO, F-111A/D, FB-111

McGrath, Joe & Debbie
Sgt, Maintainer, FB-111

*McGuire, Kathy
F-111 Gold Star Wife

McHugh, Frank & Sharon, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D, FB-111

McLean, Ross, Maj (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

McMasters, Douglas
Maintenance Specialist, F-111F, FB-111

Metcalf, Drew & Kimberly, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

Meyr, Herbert, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

Miklasevich, Mik & Rose
Pilot, F-111A/E

*Millar, JD & Victoria, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Miller, Amy & Darren
Friends of the F/FB/EF-111 Community

Miller, Stan & Lisa, Capt
Pilot, F-111F

Mills, Dean, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/D/E/F/G

Mitchell, Joe, Capt
WSO, F-111D/F

Moncure, Tom, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111F/FB-111

Monroe, Lee & Julie
WSO, F-111D/F

*Mudge, Wayne
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/F

Murray, Richard, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F/G, FB-111, EF-111

Myers, Phil & Marcia, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/C/E

Needham, Rob, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Newell, Mike & Trish, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

Nghiem, Roderick
Maintenance Specialists, F-111D/E

*Nitz, Steve & Jenny, Capt.
WSO, F-111D/F

Nordmeyer, Roger, Capt
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D

Nuccio, “Nooch” & Katherine, Lt Col (ret)
Test Pilot, F-111A/D/E/G

Ogilvie, Blaine, Capt
Pilot, F-111D, FB-111, EF-111

Olson, Rick
WSO, F-111A/D/F/G

O’Mara, Ray & Carole, Maj Gen (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Orlando, Tony, Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Otten, Hans, Col (ret)
WSO, FB-111

Otterblad, Michael & Margie, Col (ret)
WSO/EWO-Intel-EF Maintenance, F-111A/D/E/F, EF-111

Otto, Craig
Flight Test Engineer, F-111A/D/E/F, FB-111, EF-111

Passaro, Gino & Claire, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

Patton, William, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

Pauley, David & DeDe, SSgt
Maintenance Specialist, FB-111

Pechiney, “Snake” & Susan, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/F

Peck, Vincent & Darca, Lt Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Perkins, Ernest & Ritva, Col (ret)
WSO-Maintainer-Intel, F-111A/D/E

Perkins, Gary & Mary Williams
Pilot, F-111A/E/F

*Peterson, Roger
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A

*Phillips, Terry & Janis, Lt Col (ret)

Plantikow, John, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Powell, Steve & Kim
Flight Surgeon, F-111A

Prucha, Dennis & Karen (dec.)
Lt Col (ret), WSO, F-111A/D/F

Purcell, Alan & Lois
A1C, Crew Chief and Industry Sustainment, F-111A, EF-111

Puschmann, Eric & Sharon, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E, EF-111

*Radcliffe, David & Ruth, Capt. (former)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Ranger, Kelly & Mary, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/D/E/F/G

Ratcliff, Dave & Laura, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

*Rausch, Bob, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/C/D/E/F/G

*Ream, Barry & Nancy, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

Reese, Marc & Debi, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/E/F

*Reynolds Richard & Joani, Lt Gen (ret)
Test Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

Rice, L. Scott & Nancy, Lt Gen (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/F

Richards, Dan & Marley, Col (ret)
WSO/EWO, F-111A/E, EF-111

Richards, Jim, Col (ret)
WSO-Maintainer, F-111A/D/E/F

Richardson, Phil, SMSgt
Avionics Maintenance Specialist, F-111D/E/F, FB-111

Roberson, Joe & Irma, Lt. Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Robinson, Robbie & Kathy, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

Rogers, Bryan & Dorothy
WSO F-111A/C/D/E/F, FB-111, EF-111

*Roland, David & Ingrid, SSgt
Maintainer, FB-111

Roop, Rick & Kathi, Lt Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Ross, Terry, Lt Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Rotramel, Jim, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

Runge, Tom & Carol, Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E/F/G, EF-111

Russo, Chris & Pam, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Schagunn, Jerry & Connie, Major (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Schuman, Jim
F-111 Logistics Officer

Senechal, Peter, Col (ret)
Flight Surgeon, F-111E, EF-111

*Shannon, Fred, Major
EWO, F-111A/D/E/F

Sherman, Tank, Lt Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Shiembob, Ed & Barbara
Pilot, FB-111

Shirley, Graham & Deborah, Brig Gen (ret)
Pilot, F-111E, FB-111, EF-111

Sides, John, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/E/F/G

Siegel, Donald & Daphne, Col (ret)
Pilot, FB-111

Sienicki, Tadziu
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F, FB-111

Sine, Fredeerick & Edie, Capt
Maintainer, F-111A/C/E, FB-111

*Smith, Jeff & Carol, Lt Col (ret)
F-111F Pacer Strike Program Engineer, F-111F, FB-111

Smith, Jim & Becky, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E

*Smith, Larry & Joanne, Maj (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

Smith, Rhonda
Friend of the F/FB/EF-111 Community

Snoy, Joseph, Maj (ret)
EWO, F-111A/E

*Sobol, Anthony & Diane, Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E/F. EF-111

Spears, Douglas, Major
Pilot, FB-111

Sprance, Jim & Mickey, Lt Col (Ret)
WSO, F-111F

Sprenger, Michael & Deanna, Lt Col (ret)
Navigator, FB-111

Stair, Les & Carin, Lt Col
Pilot, F-111D

Starr, Gordon & Nyla, Sgt
Maintenance Specialists, FB-111

Steege, Herb, Maj (ret)
WSO, F-111A/D

Steichen, Larry & Mary, Lt Col (ret)

*Stewart, Joseph, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

Strickland, Chan, Capt
Pilot/PWSO/Flt Test Engineer, F-111A/D/E

Swanson, Kenneth & Susan
Pilot,  F-111D

Sweeney, Mike & Amelia, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E

Tapper, Mark & Karen, Col & SES (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

Tarris, Timothy & Vicky, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D

Tennant, Rich & Pamela, Maj (ret)
WSO, F-111F, FB-111

*Thompson, Harry & Vicki, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, FB-111

*Thompson, Rob & Cindy
Pilot/CCTS IP, FB-111

Tillander, John, Maj (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

Toler, Reagan
Friend of the F/FB/EF-111 Community

Tourtellott, Bruce & Candy
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/E/F

Triska, Chuck, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E

Ulrich, Samuel, CMSgt (ret)
Logistics-Supply, F-111E/F, EF-111

Uzzle, James, Major
Pilot/Maintenance Specialist, F-111F, FB-111

VanGorden, Paul & Patti, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

VanStockum, William & Carol, Major
WSO, FB-111

Vilbert, Michael & Kellie, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/F

*Vosburgh, Bob & Cindy
Pilot, F-111A/E

Waggett, Mike & Sandy Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/E/F

Waibel, Burt & Hope, Major
Pilot, F-111A/D/E, EF-111

Wallace, Ron & Maryellen, Lt Col (Ret)
Pilot, F-111D/E/F

Walton, Mark, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

Warton, Kip & Julia, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

West, Lloyd & Melissa, Maj
WSO, F-111A/E/F

*Westbrook, Sam & Kate, Brig Gen (ret)
Pilot/PWSO, F-111A/D/E/F

Wilbas, Gary & Renee, Lt Col (ret)

Wiles, Roger & Catherine, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Wilkenson, Bill & Laura, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E/F

Wittenberg, Frederick & Catherine, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E/F

Zanowicz, Ed & Terry, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/E/F

*Zeis, Joe & Susan, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

* indicates multiple contributions

Donations in Memory of These Individuals

Glenn Anderson, F-111 Pilot
by S. Harris

Greg Angell*, F-111 WSO
by G. Cambln, E. Hoffman, T. Gill

Phil Baldwin, F-111 WSO
by M. Alfonsi

Mike Barritt, F-111 WSO
by L. Smith

Frank T. Birk, F-111 Test Pilot
by R. Reynolds

Douglas Brandt, EF-111 Pilot
by D. Hardziej

Dave Braun*, F-111 Pilot
by D. Braun, J. Killian

Robert Brett, F-111 PWSO
by R. Peterson

Rick Burleigh*, F/FB/EF-111 Pilot
by M. Carter. W. Kirkman

Joe Cabuk, F-111 Pilot
by J. Miklasevich

Charles J. Cafferelli, F-111 WSO
by J. Franco

Tom Caldwell*, F-111 WSO
by Q. Brown, J. Pechiney, S. Nitz, S. Drinkard

Troy Campbell, FB-111/F-111 WSO
by S. Drinkard

Denny Cole, FB-111 Pilot
by M. LaBeau

Dave Cooley*, F-111 PIlot
by E. Jesperen, L. Smith, S. Rice

Ken Combs, F-111 PIlot
by J. Gillis

Roger Crozat, FB-111 Navigator
by John Plantikow

Gary Davis*, FB-111 Navigator
by F. McHugh, J. Smith

Bill Davy, F-111 WSO
by T. Phillips

Phil Donovan, FB-111 Pilot
by J. Millar

Bill Douglas, F-111 Pilot
by B. Ream, T. Runge

Paul Eichenlaub*, EF-111 EWO
by D. Hardziej, C. Glaze, E. Puschmann

Laurie Fetter, Intel Officer and Loving Spouse
by J. Fetter

Fred Fiedler, F/FB-111 Test Pilot
by R. Reynolds

Rick Franks, F-111 WSO
by J. Miklasevich

Frank Frulia, F-111 Pilot
by S. Brown

Bill Full, FB-111 Navigator
by J. Millar

Frederick A. Gerhart, F-111 Pilot
by M. Frye

Lou Gerwe, F-111 Industry Rep
by T. Hatch

John S. Golda, F-111 Jet Mechanic
by K. Johns

Bob Gray, F-111 WSO
by M. Brusasco

Steve Harman, FB-111 Navigator
by John Plantikow

Rick Hetzner, F-111 Pilot
by B. Vosburgh

Jack Hines, F-111 Pilot
by J. Miklasevich

Daniel P. Hites, FB-111 Pilot
by W. Fahle

Larry Honza*, F-111 WSO
by S. Emory

Steve Huisenfeldt, F-111 Pilot
by S. Harris

Jim Hunt, F-111 Test Pilot
by S. Boyd

Tom Kana, FB-111 Pilot
by T. Bell

George Larson Jr., FB-111 Test Pilot
by J. Barraclough

Paul Lorence*, F-111 WSO
by E. Jespersen, S. Westbrook. R. Brady

Jerry Lindh*, F-111 Pilot
by G. Carter, D. Clark, T. Gill

Steve Locke, F-111 WSO
by K. Warton

Harry “Beau” Lucas Jr., F-111 WSO
by J. Killiam

Michael “Moses” Malone*, F-111 Pilot
by H. Malone, S. Nitz

John Marston , F-111 Pilot
by M. Campbell

Cliff Massengill, F-111 WSO
by M. Carpenter

James McChesney, Friend of the F/FB-111 Community
by B. McChesney

Don McComb, F-111 WSO
by J. Sackett

David “Mike” McGuire*, F-111 WSO
by L. Monroe, K. McGuire, G. Carter, D. Clark, T Gill

Gary Mekash, F-111 Pilot
by B. Alexander, R. Brady

Robert A. Meyer, Jr., F-111 Pilot
by M. Frye

Tom Mullen, FB-111 Pilot
by J. Smith

Rodney Nottingham, F-111 Comm/Nav Technician
by L. Dean

Marsha Orlando, Loving Spouse
by T. Orlando

David “Kirk” Peth, F-111 Pilot
by K. Warton

Steven Pitt, F-111 WSO
by J. Costello

Carl T. Poole, F-111 WSO
by H. Lyter

Joe Raker, F-111 Pilot
by S. Emory

Joe Rattie, F-111 Mechanic
by K. Johns

Art Reid*, F-111 Pilot
by Q. Brown, J. Pechiney, S. Nitz, D. Zimmerman, S. Drinkard

Fernando Ribas-Dominicci* F-111 PIlot
by P. Edelen, S. Westbrook, M. Walton, R. Aponte, R. Brady

Dorothy Rogers, Loving Spouse
by B. Rogers

Rick Ruddell*, F-111 Pilot
by J. Chapman, S. Harris

Burnley Rudiger Jr*., F-111 Pilot
by J. Costello, E. Bracken, R. Brady, T. Browder

Joe Sapere, F-111 WSO
by J. Sprance

Eugene Soeder, F-111 WSO
by B. Alexander, R. Brady

Roger Stauffer, F-111 Pilot
by J. Chapman

Chip Stem, F-111 Pilot
by J. Davison

Michael Stephenson FB-111 Navigator
by M. (Stephenson) Galvez

Greg Stevens, F/EF-111 Pilot
by M. Sweeney

John Sweeney, F-111 Pilot
by D. Brown

Floyd Sweet, F-111 Pilot
by D. Brown

Howard “Lew” Tallman, F-111 Pilot
by J. Howalt

U. “Sam” Taylor III*, F-111 Pilot
by J. Sides, J. Killian, G. Berg

Al “Bubba” Teasley, F-111 Pilot
by D. French

Phil Tetwiler, F-111 Avionics Maintainer
by R. Copp

John Tillander, F-111 Pilot
by P. Gamage

Mary Triska, Loving Spouse
by C. Triska

Glen Troster, F-111 Pilot
by L. Smith

Craig Tubb, F-111 WSO
by M. Walton

Roy Westerfield, F-111 Pilot
by C. Strickland

Kevin Williams, F-111 PIlot
by E. Zanowicz

Paul Yaeger, F-111 WSO
by P. Avelia

Joseph, Sr & Dorothea Zeis, Friends of the F-111 Community
by J. Zeis Jr.

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