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F/FB/EF-111 Memorial Donation Form

This Memorial will only happen if the Aardvark / Raven community at large is behind it. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, with all funds used in support of establishing a memorial to those who flew or supported F-111 operations in service to our nation.

Please use this form if you would like to donate. We would like to know a little bit about your connection to the F-111 community as well and we will add you to the donors listing on this website unless you would like to remain anonymous. Please let us know and we will respect your privacy!

If you would rather submit your donation by check and avoid the payment gateway fee, print this one-page form, fill in appropriate details and mail it to:

The F-111 Memorial Foundation
c/o Ed Jespersen
1385 Timshel St.
Dayton OH, 45440


Red Asterisk means that field is required.

Fill out my online form.


Individual Donors

Alfonsi, Mario & Sally, Capt (ret)
Pilot, F-111/A/D/F, EF-111

Bartell, Rick, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

Bell, Tom & Renette, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/F

Brown, Steve & Janet, Capt.
WSO, F-111E

Bryner, Mark & Amanda
WSO/EWO, F-111A/E, EF-111

Buchanan, Buck
WSO, F-111F

Cain, John, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E/F

Carpenter, Mace & Andi, Col (ret)DS
Pilot, F-111A/E/F

Durkee, Randy & Rebecca, CMSgt (ret)
Maintainer, F-111E

Edelen, Phil, Col (ret) & Claire, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

Endsley, Nick
Friend of the F-111 Community

Ertler, Dennis, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111F

Faulkner, Dan & Carol, Lt Col (ret)
EWO, EF-111

Fetter, Jerry, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/E

Fleenor, John & Mary
Pilot, F-111F

Franco, Joseph & Margaret, Lt. Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/E

Franklin, Arnold & Mickie, Col (ret)
Pilot/WSO, F-111A/D/F/G, EF-111

Galvez (Stephenson), Michelle
Friend of the F-111 Community

Gamage, Pete, Maj (ret)
Pilot, F-111A

Garrison, Bert, Lt Col (ret)
EWO, F-111A, EF-111

Gill, Tom & Leigh, Lt Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/C/D/E/F

Gills, John, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/D/E/F

Guinn, Jeff & Sue
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Hardziej, Dennis & June, Lt. Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/EF-111

Hindt*, Dave & Kathi, Lt Col (ret)
WSO/EWO, EF-111, F-111A/C/D/E/F/G, FB-111, EF-111

Hodgdon, Jeff, Col (ret)
WSO/EWO, F-111A/D/E/F/G, EF-111

Hoenig, Don & Karen, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E/F

Jespersen*, Ed & Jolene
WSO, F-111A/D/E/F/G

Killion, Micah
WSO, F-111D/F

Levenhagen, Mike & Rowan
Pilot, F-111F

Masiello, Tom, Maj Gen (ret) & Wendy, Lt Gen (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

McClean, Scott, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E/F

McClellan, Jerry & Joan, Col (ret)
Pilot,/PWSO, F-111A/D, FB-111

McGrath, Joe & Debbie
Sgt, Maintainer, FB-111

Mills, Dean, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111A/D/E/F/G

Monroe, Lee & Julie
WSO, F-111D/F

Nitz, Steve
WSO, F-111D/f

Perkins, Ernest & Ritva, Col (ret)
WSO-Maintainer-Intel, F-111A/D/E

Phillips, Terry & Janis, Lt Col (ret)

Prucha, Dennis & Karen (dec.)
Lt Col (ret), WSO, F-111A/D/F

Radcliffe, David, Capt. (former)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Ream, Barry & Nancy, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

Richards, Jim, Col (ret)
WSO-Maintainer, F-111A/D/E/F

Robinson, Robbie & Kathy, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/F

Roland, David & Ingrid, SSgt
Maintainer, FB-111

Rotramel, Jim, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

Russo, Chris & Pam, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E

Schagunn, Jerry & Connie, Major
Pilot, FB-111

Shirley, Graham & Deborah, Brig Gen (ret)
Pilot, F-111E, FB-111, EF-111

Snoy, Joseph, Maj (ret)
EWO, F-111A/E

Sobol, Anthony & Diane, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F. EF-111

Swanson, Kenneth & Susan
Pilot,  F-111D

Sweeney, Mike & Amelia, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E

Tarris, Timothy & Vicky, Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D

Thompson, Jim & Vicki, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, D-111D/E

Thompson, Rob & Cindy
Pilot, FB-111

Tillanderm, John, Maj (ret)
Pilot, F-111A/D/E/F

Triska, Chuck, Lt Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/E

Waggett, Mike & Sandy Col (ret)
Pilot, F-111D/E/F

Zeis*, Joe & Susan, Col (ret)
WSO, F-111D/F

* indicates multiple contributions

In Memorial Donations on Behalf of These Individuals

Douglas Brandt, EF-111 Pilot
by D. Hardziej

Dave Cooley, F-111 PIlot

Ken Coombs, F-111 PIlot
by John Gillis

Maj Gen Bill Douglas, F-111 Pilot
by Barry Ream

Paul Eichenlaub, EF-111 EWO
by Dennis Hardziej

Laurie Fetter, Intel
by Jerry Fetter

Cliff Massengill, F-111 WSO
by Mace Carpenter

Mike McGuire, WSO, F-111 WSO
by Lee Monroe

Fernando Ribas-Dominicci F-111 PIlot
by Phil Edelsen

Michael Stephenson FB-111 Navigator
by Michelle (Stephenson) Galvez

Greg Stevens, F/EF-111 Pilot
by Mike Sweeney

Mary Triska, Friend of the F-111 Community
by Chuck Triska

Corporate (Donations or In-Kind)

MSW Interactive Design LLC.
Mike & Sandy Waggett

Sebaly, Shillito & Dyer
Nicky Endsley