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The F-111 Memorial was dedicated on October 14, 2022. Thank you for your generosity and support!

F-111 Memorial, National Museum of the United States Air Force

Welcome to the Foundation website. Our goal is to design, construct, and donate an F/FB/EF-111 aircraft memorial to the National Museum of the United States Air Force, which acknowledges the units that operated the Vark/Raven, and those who flew, maintained, and supported the jet. Though this started as a dream of a few local Vark Aircrew, this will only happen if the -111 community is behind it. So far, indications are a response …”Two’s In!”

This isn’t as simple as sketching out a design, hire a builder, and complete a dedication. There are a number of tasks that we need to accomplish to complete the job.

F-111 Photo Gallery

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1. Establish a not-for-profit foundation/fund. In late 2017, an F-111 Memorial Foundation was established as an Ohio Non-profit Corporation tasked with managing this project. This will allow us to solicit donations for the design and fabrication of the memorial, pay for the operation of the foundation (website hosting, legal and accounting fees). An all-volunteer, uncompensated Executive Committee will carry out the steps necessary to successfully accomplish our mission. Our Current Executive Committee members are:

  • Tom Bell, Secretary
  • Dave Hindt, Executive Director
  • Ed Jespersen, Treasurer
  • Lee Monroe, Communications
  • Jim Rotramel, Design

2. Communicate. This website, our email ( along with other tools (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, blogs) will allow us to tell you how the project is progressing and allow you to give us your inputs. A survey of the F/FB/EF-111 community was conducted to determine your level of interest in a memorial, and desired memorial content. Over 800 of you were contacted with more than 300 of you responding. Interest in the memorial was high, with fully 85% of respondents indicating support.

3. The Memorial. There are a few options for a memorial at the NMUSAF (ref. Memorial Status page). Based on your responses to our survey, we have determined the large, stand-alone memorial encompasses our initial effort, …our Tactical Phase. This Tactical Phase must address design, fabrication and installation of the initial memorial content. Additions to the memorial (e.g. plaques, benches, etc.) may serve as a subsequent step based on the community’s continued support; the Executive Committee is calling these potential additions as our Operational and Strategic Phases.

4. Fund Raising. We have established a bank account, an on-line payment gateway, and an alternate means with check payment. Our Tactical Phase fund raising goal is established at $50,000. We’ll represent progress to achieve this Tactical Goal in our F-111 unique display shown below. Please consider donating today.

5. Event Planning. A memorial dedication ceremony is an integral part of this effort.

As of August 25th, 2020 we’ve achieved 75% of the Tactical Fund raising goal!

Aardvark/Raven Wings or Equivalent from 1965 (Edwards AFB) to 1998 (Cannon AFB)

(Unit Designation when aircraft was last flown in the unit)